Behavior problems are a common thing for dogs of all breeds, no matter their size or age

While it’s completely normal for dogs to cause some form of mischief (just like it would be for a child to do so), consistently behaving badly can be a serious problem and cause for concern. Your dog showing bad habits can create a bad relationship with your pet, and showing certain behaviors like aggression or problems with commands, can simply just be dangerous.

It’s not all bad news though, and like with a lot of things, unwanted behaviors and trairs can be rectified with the use of patience and care, and the addition of training.

You don’t have to settle for “good enough” dog

You’ll not only learn how to train your dog , but you’ll learn to understand your dog so you always know how to be the best owner for your dog.
Counter surfing

Counter Surfing

Despite its innocuous name, “counter surfing” is far from a harmless habit.

Dog come command

“Come” Command

Having a dog that ignores the “come” command is a significant area of concern.

Play biting

Mouthy Dog

While there’s no malice intended, play biting is not acceptable behavior.

Leash reactivity

Leash Reactivity

Aggression whilst on the leash can turn a walk into an anxiety-ridden task.

Jumping on people

Jumping On People

Excitement can quickly turn to fear when your dog inists on jumping on everyone.

Separation anxiety

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can lead to a range of difficult problems for you and your dog.

Leash pulling

Pulling On Leash

When your dog is constantly pulling on the leash, walks quickly shift to a chore.

Selective hearing

Selective Hearing

If your dog has selective hearing, then you can’t trust it to listen all the time.

Aggression in dogs


Aggression towards other dogs or people is an embarassing and stressful challenge.

Excessive chewing


There’s nothing more frustrating than coming home to a scene of chaos.

Excessive barking training

Excessive Barking

Barking becomes an issue if your dog refuses to quiet down on command.

Skittish dog

Fear & Skittishness

Fear is a natural response, but not when your dog is scared of everyday experiences.

Why does my dog show these behavior problems?

Well, there’s not really one specific reason why your dog might be exhibiting behavior problems or bad habits, it could be down to any number of things, but more often than not some of the more common reasons that we see are;

  • A lack of training can contribute to your dog displaying or developing behavior problems, and while many dogs tend do tend to calm as they age, a lack of training can stop a dog from properly maturing out of these bad behaviors.
  • Some breeds are more likely or prone to display specific behavior problems, for example, how some dogs naturally want to chase things
  • In some cases, behavior problems that just come on out of nowhere could be related to an underlying health concern and are your dogs way of telling you that there is a problem (in which case we would advise speaking with a veterinary professional before looking into training)

In the majority of cases, our in-home dog training can help to modify and change the bad behavior problems that your dog is exhibiting, even if these are natural dog instincts and behaviors. Speak to our team today to find our more about our dog behavior training in Charlotte, NC, and find out how you and your dog can benefit from our dog training programs today!

Our dog behavior training programs are designed to not only train your dog how to behave in the way that they should. but also about teaching you how to understand your dog better and help it to become the dog that you want it to be.

Once you have finished our behavior problem training, you and your dog will be more in sync and will understand each other better than ever before. Our training doesn’t stop once you’re finished though, and our team are here to help you include your dog in all aspects of your lifestyle and transform them into an integrated member of your family.

We won’t only teach you how to train your dog, we’ll also give you access to a well-rounded community of dog lovers who want to learn and grow with their dogs!

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