Dog Training For Your Lifestyle

Since 2008 We’ve trained thousands of dogs and their families. You’ll not only learn how to train your dog to fit into your lifestyle, but you’ll learn to speak dog so you always know how to be the best owner for your dog.

Imagine how amazing it would be to go outside with your dog knowing you can fully trust them to listen to you, and be with you without any stress or struggle.

Think how relaxed you’d feel if you could go to a restaurant, cafe, or breweries knowing your dog won’t embarrass you.

Envision your dog actually listening to you, not jumping on guests and finally becoming the member of your family you’ve always dreamed of.

You don’t have to settle for a good enough dog. Let us help you enjoy every aspect of dog ownership, and guide you to be the owner your dog deserves.

Premium Dog Training

Put your dog training on Auto-Pilot™

Completely Customized Dog Training for you and your dog.

Imagine for a moment how amazing it would be to go anywhere with your dog knowing you can fully trust them.  You and your dog just hanging out and being together. Your dog not going berserk, not pulling on the leash, not being a source of stress. But you actually enjoying having your dog with you. This is possible. We’ve helped thousands of people have that dream dog. We can help you too.

Our Auto-Pilot™ Program is your All Inclusive Dog Training Package. We take care of everything. All you have to do is decide on what fun things you want to do with your dog and let our expert dog trainers handle the rest.  We will train your dog and you, and will continue to support and/or freshen up if you ever need a refresher lesson.

Live Virtual Dog Training


There are millions of pre-recorded videos everywhere claiming to teach dog training. This is not that. Our Virtual Dog Training Program includes live one on one lessons with you, your dog, and your dog trainer via a Zoom/Facetime Call.

We created our virtual dog training program to replicate our  Auto-Pilot ™ Program, just all online. What ever you can dream up to do with your dog, we’re here to make that happen. It’s fully customized to fit you and your lifestyle.

This program works great for anyone who lives outside of our training locations, those who have limited time for in person meetings, or anyone who is not quire ready to be in close proximity to others.

We’ll start with the initial consultation where you tell us all the issues you are dealing with as well as the fun activities  you want to do with your dog. Then we will create the exact training program customized just for you.

After that, all you’ll do is schedule your virtual training sessions and we’ll meet online.

Become a Dog Trainer

Why Not Do What You Love?

Did you know you can love what you do, enjoy going to work, have clients you love and who appreciate you, play with dogs all day, and make a great living? Yes it’s true. That’s what we do all day every day.

If you want to own your own successful business and become a highly-rated dog trainer, Dog Owner’s Academy-Dog Trainer School is for you. Whether you’re already a dog trainer looking to up your game or you are brand new to dog training but feel you have a knack for it, we’re here for you every step of the way.

 Just like with our attention to detail with our client programs, our dog trainer school is fully customized to fit you and your market. 

On top of teaching you how to become an amazing dog trainer, we also teach you full entrepreneurship; ie marketing, sales, negotiation, and legal requirements. And for extra support, if you’re not fully ready to fly on your own after completing our training program, you have the option to stay and work at either our Charlotte or Winston-Salem location for up to 6 months.

As you can see, we are committed to guide you to become the highest quality dog trainer as well as the most successful entrepreneur and business owner you can be.