From Distraction to Direction: Training Your Dog to Respond to the “Come” Command

The Struggle With Distractions

As a dog owner, having a dog that fails to respond to the “come” command, especially when there are distractions around, can be a significant concern. Perhaps you’ve found yourself having to coax or even bribe your dog with treats to get them to return to you. Maybe you’ve been late for work because your dog took their sweet time to get back into the house after a morning potty break.

Your Partner In Training

Since 2008, we have trained nearly 5,000 dogs at Dog Owner’s Academy. Not responding to the “come” command when distracted is the top issue we are hired to resolve. We’ve worked with thousands of owners like you to transform dogs that appear “deaf” to commands into obedient pets who respond promptly, even amidst distractions.

Dog come command

Identifying The Underlying Issues

It’s important to realize that when your dog “overrules” your “come” command, it’s not because they don’t understand. They know, but they’re choosing not to listen. Our training approach focuses on identifying the underlying causes of such behaviors, allowing us, and you as the owner, to correct the behavior and eliminate its causes for long-lasting improvement.

Customizable Training Programs

At Dog Owner’s Academy, we customize each training program to suit your lifestyle and your dog’s personality. We aim to ensure your dog listens to you, not out of fear, but from understanding and respect. The first step towards this is to schedule your free in-home consultation.

The Dangers of a Dog That Won’t “Come”

If your dog doesn’t respond reliably to the “come” command amidst distractions, their safety is at risk. Visits to the dog park or playdates can become stressful, wondering if your dog will return when it’s time to leave. If your dog chooses to chase after a distraction, they could run into a busy road.

The Relief of Reliable Response

The “come” command can save your dog’s life, and no other command is as critical. When your dog responds reliably, regardless of distractions, a massive weight is lifted from your shoulders. You can let your dog enjoy their freedom, knowing they’ll respond to you when called. The transformation in your relationship with your pet will be like night and day.

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