Uncle Turk

Founder / Dog Trainer Trainer, Dog Advocate, Podcast Host

I’ve been professionally training dogs since 2008. I personally trained over 4,000 dogs & families in Charlotte. My unique training method I created  is so effective, 7-8 of my former employees  use it on their dog training companies.  Creating a full second and third generation of dog trainers that use my methods.

Now I am back helping dog trainers and dog owners to not only train their dogs… but learn how to nurture a strong friendship with them.

Dog ownership can be an amazing  personal journey for every human who seeks to truly understand their dog.

Jenn Lentz

Serving Fort Mill & Greater Charlotte Area

Since childhood, I always had a dog by my side. Dogs naturally gravitate to me, feeling my calm and confident manner.

I now weave my natural abilities with proven dog-training methods, knowing it takes both love and commitment to have a great relationship with your dog.

I am the compassionate disciplinarian, recognizing that the relationship between a dog and humans is an unbreakable bond made stronger with some basic ground rules.  With a loving energy that still commands the pack, I can help shape you and your dog to be the best friends you’ve always dreamed of.

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