Finding the right dog trainer for your dog is the most important decision you'll make regarding your dog.

3 Pillars of Dog Owner's Academy Dog Training Philosophy

Whenever you are looking for a dog trainer for your dog, it’s important to understand how the dog trainer will approach training your dog. Clearly that’s why you are here.

Thank you for being an awesome dog owner.

Dog Owner’s Academy Philosophy:

  • Work with the dog, not against it.
  • Always listen to what the dog is telling you.
  • Be present.


Founder / Dog Trainer Trainer, Dog Advocate, Podcast Host

I’ve been professionally training dogs since 2008. I personally trained over 4,000 dogs & families in Charlotte. My unique training method I created  is so effective, 7-8 of my former employees  use it on their dog training companies.  Creating a full second and third generation of dog trainers that use my methods.

Now I am back helping dog trainers and dog owners to not only train their dogs… but learn how to nurture a strong friendship with them.

Dog ownership can be an amazing  personal journey for every human who seeks to truly understand their dog.


Charlotte, Matthews, MInt Hill, Tega Cay, Fort Mill, (30 miles)

Ever since I was young I have always been interested in dogs. I’ve grown up always having one in the family and have always strived to build a relationship with any dog I met. I never thought I would have a career or a life so involved with dogs but I’m so happy that it turned out this way!

After high school I had planned on becoming a helicopter pilot (my dream since I was a kid.)  Unfortunate circumstances during flight school prevented me from continuing that endeavor. It was shortly after this that my wife Brittany got me in touch with Turk and the rest is history. After spending a lot of time learning from and training side by side with Turk, it’s such an honor to be teamed up with him again.

Since 2017 I’ve been helping countless families achieve a better lifestyle with their dogs, and it’s been one of the greatest honors of my life. I’m so excited about what the future holds and would love to work with you and your dog.

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