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A Predicament We Know All Too Well

As a dog owner, you’ve probably been through it: the frustrations and embarrassment when your dog has “selective hearing.” 😇👺

You call them, and instead of turning their attention to you, they look at you long enough to recognize they heard you, and walk away saying “talk to the tail.”

It’s Not Just Beind Ignored It’s A Safety Concern

If your dog has selective hearing, then you can not trust that they’ll stop before chasing after a squirrel right into a bustling street. And there is a good chance they may jump onto unsuspecting guests. Selective hearing is not the problem, it’s the manifestation of power struggle.

Selective hearing

We’ve Been There, and We Can Help

Dog Owner’s Academy understands this all too well. We’ve been working with people who walked in your shoes, experienced the same problem, and found the solution Since 2008.

We’ve transformed thousands of dogs from being selectively deaf to becoming attentive, responsive companions.

Your Guide To Success

We don’t just train your dog—we train you, too. Our tailored, easy-to-follow program dives into the heart of the matter.

Our time-tested and proven solutions will make your dog’s selective hearing a thing of the past.

Worst Case Scenario

A dog with selective hearing isn’t just a small nuisance. It can lead to serious problems. They might run into danger because they ignored your call. They can cause a catastrophic car crash. Or yanking their owner all the way to a hospital with a broken collar bone and two cracked ribs.

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We will guide you through our process and help you understand how our program can be customized to your specific situation.

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