Overcoming Separation Anxiety: Guide to Calming Your Dog

The Struggle With Separation Anxiety

When your dog suffers from separation anxiety, it can result in a myriad of problems that are challenging to deal with. Your dog might act out by barking for extended periods, becoming destructive, and even trying to escape. It’s a heart-wrenching sight, seeing your pet distressed and anxious in your absence, and it can cause significant worry and stress for you as the owner.

Your Guide To Calming An Anxious Dog

Since 2008, we at Dog Owner’s Academy have trained nearly 5,000 dogs, many of whom suffered from separation anxiety. We’ve worked with countless owners just like you, helping them transform their anxious pets into calm and contented companions.

Separation anxiety

Understanding and Treating Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is often misunderstood, leading many dog owners to resort to medications that might result in a “zombie-like” state in their pets. We believe in more wholesome solutions to help your dog combat high anxiety levels. Our training approach identifies the correct causes of such behaviors, allowing us and you, the dog owner, to not only rectify the issue but eliminate the causes to ensure lasting improvement.

Tailoring Training To Your Needs

At Dog Owner’s Academy, we customize each training program to match your lifestyle and your dog’s personality. Our goal is to ensure your dog listens to you, not out of fear, but respect and trust. The first step in this process is scheduling your free in-home consultation to assess your situation.

The Impact of Separation Anxiety

An anxious dog can cause immense stress for both the pet and owner. Not being able to leave your dog alone without worrying about the potential aftermath can limit your freedom and put constant strain on your peace of mind. It’s important to remember that chronic stress and anxiety can lead to various health issues in dogs, just as it can in humans.

The Joy of a Calm and Happy Dog

Once your dog learns how to cope with separation anxiety, life immediately improves for both of you. No longer will you dread leaving your pet alone or worry about returning to a chaotic home. You’ll have the freedom to accept social invitations without having to figure out what to do with your dog. Most importantly, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your dog’s life is no longer fraught with stress, but filled with the love and comfort you provide.

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