On and Off Leash Dog Training in Charlotte, NC Without Losing Your Dog's Personality

Our clients & dogs enjoy

Amazing bond & connection others envy

Freedom to go everywhere together

Goofy Personality and Playful Spirit

Dog training is about having a well behaved dog, but it’s also about you.
With 17 years of experience in dog training in Charlotte, NC we know how we can help you and your dog.
Our dog training system is simple, time tested, and easy to follow. Let’s customize our training for your dog’s personality, your lifestyle and how you want to include your dog in your everyday life.

Having a good dog should not be hard work

You want to do all the fun activities with your dog that you always dreamed of, but your dog isn’t listening to you. You keep thinking how much you love your dog, but it doesn’t help the training and behavior problems you’re facing. The lack of progress is frustrating and you start to believe that either your dog is not a good learner or maybe this is not a good fit.

Are you experiencing these frustrations?

  • Your dog knows what you want but only does it whenever she wants to
  • Every time you walk your dog it feels like a struggle
  • Your dog jumps on people
  • Your dog has separation anxiety
  • Your dog steals or chews your things
  • Your dog play bites/mouthy
  • Your dog shows aggression towards humans and other animals
  • Your dog barks excessively

You deserve to have the dog you dreamed of having

Dog Owner's Academy Difference

We understand that every family is different, each with their own needs and desires. Our customized programs are specifically designed to suit the individual needs of every family and their dog.
Having trained over 4000 dogs and their families  in Charlotte, NC, we tailor our training to fit your lifestyle and your dog’s personality. We have nearly two decades of real world based experience, so you can be assured that the training you receive will be time-tested and proven to get fast results that last. Guaranteed!

I am so grateful to Dog Owner’s Academy for deeper understanding of my dog, and far more rewarding relationship for us both. Having tried other training approaches in the past, I can say with confidence that this is a far superior philosophy and methodology. The results are almost immediate! Worth every penny.

Jocelyn Wilson - Charlotte, NC

” We are repeat customers of Dog Owner’s Academy. They helped us actually enjoy our dogs and become better owners. One of our dogs had food aggression as a puppy and we were really worried, especially having small children. I am so happy we didn’t give up on our dog. He is now the best dog we could ever ask for.”

Jamie Midura - Charlotte, NC

” Best decision our family made after getting our Goldendoodle Daisy! The investment was worth it -for all of us- as Daisy can go anywhere with us and be well behaved!”

Shelley Morgan -Charlotte, NC

The dog you always wanted starts with an In-Home Demo

During your in-home demo we will:

  • See the problems you’re experiencing.

  • Understand your expectations.

  • Develop a strategy based on your dog’s personality and your lifestyle.

  • Tell you about our pricing.

  • Answer any other questions you have!

Starting today you can have an amazing, deep, rich relationship with your dog. You'll be able to communicate and understand each other better than ever before.