No More Unwanted Greetings: Teach Your Dog Polite Manners

The Problem With Unwanted Jumping

As a dog owner, the excitement your dog shows when meeting new people might initially be endearing. But it quickly becomes a problem when they insist on jumping on every guest, friend, or stranger they meet. While some individuals might enjoy this enthusiastic welcome, for many it’s an annoyance, potentially dangerous for those with balance issues, and it can be downright scary for kids.

A Proven Guide in Training

Since 2008, we have successfully trained over 4,000 dogs. At Dog Owner’s Academy, addressing common issues like uninvited jumping tops the list. We have helped thousands of owners transform their overzealous dogs into polite companions that respect personal space.

Jumping on people

Identifying The Root Cause

Dogs jump for a variety of reasons – excitement, playfulness, or even an assertion of dominance. Our training approach involves identifying these underlying triggers behind the behavior. By tackling these causes, we can help you and your dog correct the behavior permanently.

Customized Training Programs

We understand that every dog is unique and requires an approach tailored to their personality and the lifestyle of their owner. Our goal is to ensure your dog respects your commands, not out of fear, but genuine respect. The first step towards achieving this is scheduling a free in-home consultation, allowing us to assess your specific situation.

The Stress of Unchecked Jumping

Constantly apologizing for your dog’s jumping or worrying every time someone new comes to your house can be stressful. The need to isolate your dog whenever your kids have friends over or when you have guests can be tiring and isn’t good for your dog. Plus, it’s not fun having to constantly clean dog hair off every guest that walks through your door.

A Polite Dog Means Peaceful Interactions

Imagine being able to walk your dog or host guests without the fear of them being bowled over by your excited pet. Envision the peace that comes from knowing your dog will respect the personal space of others, while still having the option to “hug” those who enjoy their physical affection.

Schedule Your In-Home Consultation

No longer will you have to be embarrassed by your dog jumping on people, and your guests will appreciate their visits more. Take the first step towards achieving this by scheduling your free in-home consultation today. Let’s transform your overzealous greeter into a polite companion together.

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