Dog Owner’s Academy is offering FREE water buckets to dog friendly establishments.

  • Turk Akbay
  • March 23, 2023
  • Blog

The saying “necessity is the mother of invention” rings true in our work with dogs.

Rather than simply teaching a list of commands, we believe in training dog owners on how to integrate their dogs into their daily lives. In fact, in 2012, I developed a groundbreaking approach to dog training that I called “Train as you live.”

We take our dog training services directly to our customers’ homes and even local establishments such as breweries, cafes, and restaurants, where they can practice training with their dogs in real-world scenarios. It was during these outings that we noticed a common issue: many dog-friendly establishments were unprepared to meet the needs of dog owners, specifically when it came to providing fresh water for their dogs.

To address this problem, we began distributing free, water buckets to local businesses, starting with Smelly Cat Coffeehouse in NoDa. The rest as they say was history…. You can still see some of the old buckets around town.

Over the past decade, Charlotte has become increasingly dog-friendly, with hundreds of new businesses now allowing pets. To ensure that our beloved dogs always have access to clean, fresh water, we’re now providing brand-new, blue water buckets to any business that welcomes our four-legged friends.

If you own or frequent a dog-friendly establishment and want to make sure that dogs there always have access to fresh water, please reach out to us. (Click here)

We believe that every dog deserves to be happy, healthy, and well-hydrated, and we’ll personally deliver one (or more!) of our blue water buckets to you at no cost.

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