Dog flu is spreading in Charlotte like a wild fire

Thousands of dogs in Charlotte area have already had it and it can progress into something more dangerous like pneumonia. Hospitals are reaching full capacity.

Veterinarians said that although dog owners are calling it kennel cough, it’s actually a ‘K-9 infectious respiratory disease complex,’ which is a combination of viruses that dogs can pick up at the same time

It’s airborne and easily spreads at dog daycares and kennels. If left untreated, it can quickly progress into something more dangerous. Vets are urging pet owners to do what they can to keep their dogs safe and know the signs and symptoms.

Even when treated, the cough can last four-to-six weeks, and dogs can spread it up to three weeks after they stop coughing.

The best thing you can do is keep your dogs home. Don’t put them out in social situations.

If you can avoid taking your dog to doggy daycare, dog bar, dog parks type of places you’ll reduce the risk exponentially.