Boarding your dog

We all need to board our dogs some time, and this doesn’t have to be stressful at all.

On this episode Turk covers the boarding options for you, and give some pointers to make sure whether you decide on dog sitter coming to your home or you take your dog to a boarding facility you can feel confident with your decision knowing your dog is well cared for.


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Let’s Talk About Dog Parks

Dog parks are like play ground for our dogs, but often because of the cluless people and their dogs they get a bad wrap.

There are some simple steps you can take to make sure your visits to the dog park is an exciting event  rather than cause for expensive vet bills.

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Let’s Talk About Grooming: with Paola Anderson


Does every dog need grooming ? How often should you wash your dog? What happens if you shave your Huskie? What questions should you ask to a potential groomer(s) before they “go to work” on your dog?  These are some of the questions we asked to our guest Paola Anderson on this episode.

Paola S. Anderson is a pet professional, pet industry educator and influencer with over 18 years of experience. She is the owner of Laguna Pet Spa from Laguna Hills, CA and a Pet Health care advocate who coaches and teaches in both Spanish and English.

Paola has worked in 7 different countries, founded a non-profit organization to help animals around the world, worked with thousands of Pet Care Professionals and saved countless animals.

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Service Dog Blue Helping Veteran with PTSD. Bob Macpherson

On this episode we are talking about PTSD and How a service dog named Blue is helping Bob a career infantry officer in the U.S. Marines help a normal life.

Robert Macpherson is a writer, aid worker, and career infantry officer in the U.S. Marines with service in Vietnam, Iraq, and Somalia. After retiring as a Colonel, he enjoyed a second career with the humanitarian organization CARE.

He lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife, Veronica and service dog, Blue.

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Zen of Dog Ownership Interview with Tyler Muto

Tyler Muto is an internationally renowned dog trainer, entrepreneur, and advisor, who has had a life long passion for training dogs.

I’ve been friends with Tyler since early days of our dog training journey. I guess because I was lucky enough to meet him at the beginning of his journey too, I got to witness his development from a new dog trainer, to an experienced dog trainer, then to become an influential leader in the dog training community.

I know from my own experience with him over the years he has dedicated years to becoming a better dog trainer with each and every interaction with dogs.

Tyler’s expertise and innovation in the dog training world had begun to attract national and international attention. He decided to open the K9 Connection Dog Training Center in Downtown Buffalo, where he still serves as training director, supervising multiple full time trainers.



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Pandemic Puppies | Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety


There is a jump on the number of Separation Anxiety cases during C-19 Lockdown. Many calling this phenomenon  “Pandemic Puppies.” 

This episode is all about Separation Anxiety.

  • What are the causes,
  • How to Prevent it.
  • How to help a dog with Separation Anxiety.

Your host is Turk Akbay. The founder of Off Leash Dog Training TM, inventor of Train as you live TM dog training method, and the creator of Dog Owners’ Collective.

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Zen of Dog Ownership-Doggy Dan

Doggy Dan Interview

Turk Akbay and Doggy Dan

This week we welcome Doggy Dan.

Dan is the founder of The Online Dog Trainer, a wildly successful online training program for dog owners.

With years of experience working with every type of behavioral dog issue and every breed and age of dog nothing is too tricky for him to help with.

Over the last decade alone he has helped over 57,000 people successfully train their dogs and puppies using the exact methods found in The Online Dog Trainer Program.

Service Dogs Demystified

Training Your Service Dog

Barbara Phillips used to train service dogs for an organization. When she recognized the enormous gap between time spent training the service dogs, and training the actual owners who will be ultimately living with these service animals she created

Key Stone Handler Academy. 

She now teaches people how to train their own service dog.

On this episode we talked about rules and regulations, and differences about Service Dogs, and Emotional Support Animals and why and how can someone train their own service dog.

Keystone Handler Academy can be reached here:

Being the owner your dog deserves

If you asked 1000 dogs

if they think they need “dog training” or not 

what do you think they would say ?

I bet they wouldn’t even understand the question.

Training??? For what????  To be a dog ????

On this episode I want to bring to your attention  before you start barking orders to your dog, if you get your head in the right place then, your life with your  becomes a rewarding bounding experience for both you and your dog.

Stop having a confrontational battle where you human always have to win, but become “the trusted guide” for your dog to follow.

Doesn’t that sound much better to you?

Enjoy the episode.

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