Spaying Dogs: Myths, Misconceptions, and What to Expect | discussion with Dr. Stanley of GoodVets Charlotte

Today’s episode is all about spaying/neutering dogs.  Without taking a position on whether to, or not to spay/neuter. Our goal is always to educate dog owners.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about this critical procedure, including the advantages and what to expect.

We cover everything you wanted know from what exactly is spaying to myths and misconceptions about spaying. The Process, potential complications, and best practices for easy recovery for your dog.

So grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and let’s get started!

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Dr. Stanley – GoodVets Montford

Dr. Stanley received her Bachelors and DVM from OSU (Go Buckeyes)

 Good-Vets Montford (Charlotte)


Follow her :

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Leash Aggression | We’re talking about leash aggression on dogs.

Leash Aggression is a common issue that can be challenging to manage.

On this episode we offer insights and tips for managing leash aggression.

What is Leash Aggression

Leash aggression, also known as leash reactivity, is a behavior in which a dog displays aggressive or fearful behavior when on a leash. This can include lunging, barking, growling, and snapping. It can be triggered by various factors, such as fear, anxiety, territoriality, and frustration.

Causes of Leash Aggression 

There are several reasons why a dog may develop leash aggression. Some common causes include lack of socialization, past traumatic experiences, fear of other dogs or people, and frustration from being restrained on a leash. We’ll discuss each of these factors in more detail and provide examples of how they can lead to leash aggression.

Managing Leash Aggression 

Leash aggression can be challenging to manage, but it’s not impossible. We’ll provide tips and strategies for managing leash aggression, such as avoiding trigger situations, desensitization and counterconditioning techniques, using positive reinforcement training, and seeking the help of a professional dog trainer or behaviorist.

Preventing Leash Aggression 

Preventing leash aggression is always better than trying to manage it after it has developed. We’ll discuss how to prevent leash aggression by socializing your dog at a young age, exposing them to new experiences and environments, and using positive reinforcement to reinforce good behavior.


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dogs and children

Children and Dogs

Dogs can make great companions for children, but it’s important to consider a few things before bringing one into the family.

In this episode we are talking about Dogs and Children.


The Benefits of Having a Dog for Children

Companionship: Dogs can provide children with a loyal and loving friend who is always there to listen and play.
Increased physical activity: Taking care of a dog can help children get more exercise and stay active.
Improved social skills: Dogs can help children learn to communicate and interact with others.
Enhanced empathy and responsibility: Taking care of a dog can teach children to be more caring, responsible, and empathetic.

Choosing the Right Dog for Families with Children

Factors to consider, such as breed, size, and energy level: Some breeds are better suited for families with children, and it’s important to consider the dog’s size and energy level as well.
Importance of early socialization: Socializing the dog early on can help them feel comfortable and safe around children.
Preparing the dog for the arrival of a new baby: It’s important to help the dog adjust to changes in the family and establish new boundaries.

The Dog’s Perspective

A dog’s perception of children: Dogs may see children as smaller and less predictable, which can cause stress and anxiety.
Common behaviors and body language displayed by dogs around children: Understanding how dogs communicate can help prevent misunderstandings and potential conflicts.
Understanding and managing a dog’s stress and fear around children: It’s important to recognize signs of stress and fear in dogs and take steps to manage it.

 Safety Measures for Children and Dogs

Importance of supervising interactions: Children and dogs should always be supervised when together.
Teaching children appropriate behavior around dogs: Children should learn how to approach and interact with dogs in a safe and respectful way.
Training dogs to understand boundaries and commands: Dogs should be trained to understand and respond to commands that help establish boundaries and prevent potential conflicts.

Incorporating Dogs into Family Activities

Ideas for fun, dog-friendly outings: There are many activities that families can enjoy with their dogs, such as hiking, swimming, and playing in the park.
Encouraging bonding between children and dogs: Spending quality time together can help strengthen the bond between children and dogs.
Balancing the needs of both dogs and children: It’s important to consider the needs of both dogs and children when planning activities and setting boundaries.

Puppy smiling

Socializing Your Dog | Importance of dog socialization

In this episode, we are discussing the importance of socialization training for your dog. You will uncover the secrets to successful puppy socialization.

In this episode, we’ll reveal the importance of socialization training and how it can prevent behavior issues in your puppy.

We’ll share the expert tips and tricks you need to know.

Don’t miss out on the knowledge to give your dog the best opportunities to be part of your life.

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Being “present” when we are with our dogs


On this episode, we are discussing the importance of “Being present” when we’re with our dogs. It’s easy to get caught up in the distractions. There are teams of very smart people getting  paid big bucks to keep us distracted.

But when we’re not fully present with our dogs, we miss out on important cues and behaviors that can help us understand and respond to their needs. That’s why being present with your dog is so important. 

  • When you’re fully engaged in the moment and not distracted by other things, you can better understand and respond to your dog’s needs and behaviors.
  • You can pick up on subtle cues and body language that may indicate how they’re feeling or what they’re trying to communicate.
  • Create a deeper bond with your dog and improve your communication.

Which is essential for being the best owners we can be.


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How to Survive a New Puppy

New puppy is a joyous occasion for every dog owner.

But it also marks the start of a few weeks of stress as you navigate the challenges that come with a new addition to the family.

On this episode we will help ease the transition for both you and your puppy.
Share some practical advice on how to survive your puppy’s first few weeks (or even months) with a new puppy.

From potty training to crate training, we’ll cover all the basics to help you and your new adjust to life together.

So whether you’re a seasoned pet parent or a first-time puppy owner, tune in for some helpful hints on how to make the most of this exciting (and sometimes overwhelming) time. So grab a treat and get ready to learn some valuable tips on how to survive puppyhood with a smile on your face.

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Dog Flu | How to keep your dog safe – and alive!

New highly contagious Dog flu is spreading like a wild fire.

Many animal hospitals are at capacity and asking their clients to delay non-emergency visits.

Many doggy daycares are voluntarily closing their doors -taking a direct financial hit- Just to help slow down the spread of this deadly disease.

We asked Dr. Samantha Stanley from Good-Vets Charlotte to educate our listeners about Dog flu and help spread the word about 

  • Safety of our dog population during this viral outbreak
  • How to prevent our dogs from getting sick
  • How to limit exposure
  • When to seek veterinary care… and much much more.



Good-Vets Charlotte

NC Dept. of Agriculture 

VEG Charlotte


Zen of Dog Ownership Podcast

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Boarding your dog

We all need to board our dogs some time, and this doesn’t have to be stressful at all.

On this episode Turk covers the boarding options for you, and give some pointers to make sure whether you decide on dog sitter coming to your home or you take your dog to a boarding facility you can feel confident with your decision knowing your dog is well cared for.


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Let’s Talk About Dog Parks

Dog parks are like play ground for our dogs, but often because of the cluless people and their dogs they get a bad wrap.

There are some simple steps you can take to make sure your visits to the dog park is an exciting event  rather than cause for expensive vet bills.

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