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Tell us your dream dog, we’ll handle the rest

Before getting a dog, most of us dream of all the fun activities we’ll do with our new dog.

We assume they will behave well right off the bat and that we’ll be able to take them with us everywhere.

That our dog will happily listen to all of our commands… And that they will be an active part of every moment of our lives.

But we often ditch all those dreams when problems show up

Your dog doesn’t come when you call

Your dog gets “Selective Hearing”, only listening when there are no distractions

Your dog pulls on the leash like crazy

Your dog tries to escape when you open the door

Your dog jumps on people as they enter the door

Your dogs gets aggressive, growls, and barks at other dogs, people and cars

Some people end up settling for a dog that’s just “good enough.”

You would love to be outdoors, hiking, or on a boat with your dog off-leash… But would settle for just playing in the backyard.

You would love to go to outdoor places like breweries, coffee shops, backyard parties with your dog…… But would settle for daily walks

You would love your dog to just chill out when people come over…But would settle for having to your dog in another room.

You don’t have to settle for “good enough” dog.

We can help you enjoy every aspect of dog ownership, transforming your dog into a fun, cuddly member of your family.

  • A dog that behaves better than you’d ever imagined.
  • A dog that fits the “wow, your dog is amazing” category — and not just the “at least your dog didn’t bite me” category.
  • A dog that you can trust, take anywhere you want, and that listens and understands you.

We don’t just train your dog to give you “obedience”.


We also train YOU so you can understand your dog.

Most people see human-dog interactions like this: you give a command say, and the dog must comply. But this approach puts the dog as a passive participant in the relationship — like a robot that will do whatever you’ve programmed it to do.

Not to mention just because your dog is doing what you say…It doesn’t mean that they respect you, enjoy being with you, and love you.

In more than 12 years of training thousands of dogs, I discovered that dogs are actually an active participants in the relationship with us. In fact, your dog is telling you things ALL THE TIME… It’s just that you don’t know how to speak ‘dog’… and for the most part you’ve been unintentionally ignoring your dog.

Our training programs are based not only on training your dog, they are also about teaching YOU the language your dog is speaking.

After we’re done training both you and your dog…

You’ll be able to see all the body language cues your dog is giving you all the time, that you weren’t able to understand before.

But we don’t just stop at training.

We are here to help you include your dog in all aspects of your lifestyle and transform them into an integrated member of your family. We won’t only teach you how to train your dog, we’ll also give you access to a well-rounded community of dog lovers who want to learn and grow with their dogs!

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