Be the owner your dog deserves

Be the owner your dog deserves

Dog Training
So Much More

Having that lifestyle you’ve always wanted with your dog takes more than just dog training.

To be a good dog owner you must learn to understand your dog. You don’t want to be one those humans barking orders at your dog and demanding “obedience.”

Having worked with thousands of dogs and their families in the Charlotte area and beyond since 2008, I can tell you this with authority: Dogs are an always active participant in your relationship.

We don’t just train your dog to give you obedience. We also train YOU so you can be the leader your dog follows willingly. When you learn to communicate with your dog  your relationship will change from Master vs Dog to Human + Dog.

We are here to guide and support you to Be the owner your dog deserves.


Auto-Pilot Dog Training
All Inclusive Complete Lifestyle Dog Training

Put your dog training on auto-pilot. Let Dog Owner’s Academy trainers create a custom training program exclusively for your lifestyle and your dog.

Nothing for you to do other than to following the instructions your trainer gives you and enjoy your trained dog.

Virtual Dog Training
Live Dog Training via Zoom

There are literally millions of dog training videos online. This is NOT it.

Fully customized dog training based on your needs.  Easy to follow system.

 FREE Online Consultation

Start Your Dog Training Business
Business In-a-Box

Love the freedom of being your own boss ? Do you dream about starting your own business ?

We can help.

Our Dog Training+Business Training Model is a full service Business in a box.

Just work the system and love what you do.