Boarding your dog

We all need to board our dogs some time, and this doesn’t have to be stressful at all.

On this episode Turk covers the boarding options for you, and give some pointers to make sure whether you decide on dog sitter coming to your home or you take your dog to a boarding facility you can feel confident with your decision knowing your dog is well cared for.


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Happy Client Testimonial : Auckland, NZ

Dany & Avalyn from Auckland, New Zealand reached out to us when they got Marvel The border collie.

Marvel is their first dog. Naturally, they had questions about dog ownership, and obviously 🙂 the usual border collie issues.

At first I was skeptical about the effectiveness of dog training via Zoom, but things worked out super amazing.

Obviously a benefit of the virtual dog training sessions is the flexibility of scheduling. Dany & Avalyn live in New Zealand; literally 16 hours ahead of Charlotte. So what was Friday afternoon for me, was Saturday morning to them.

Another benefit of the virtual dog training program is clients develop better training skills. When we’re working with in-person clients, we do some of the heavy lifting which is not an option for virtual clients.

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